The major purpose of the Massachusetts Gaming Law was to create economic development and new jobs in Massachusetts.

      The introduction of casino gaming in Massachusetts could create more jobs in a shorter period of time than any other new business in the history of Massachusetts.

     The Massachusetts Casino Career Training Institute (MCCTI) was founded to provide information, assistance, training and education to Massachusetts residents seeking these jobs.  Our goal is to expand the workforce in Massachusetts so that the maximum number of these jobs can be filled by local Massachusetts residents and that all Massachusetts companies can have access to trained and highly qualified workers.  That way, the maximum economic benefit can be realized by the commonwealth.

     The information on this website is intended to provide help to find jobs and the necessary preparation for those jobs.  To learn more about MCCTI or to speak with someone, please call 413-552-2086.

Bringing jobs to Massachusetts residents and growing the state and local economy... 


Kinds of training programs to be offered to prepare you for occupations in a casino.

College courses, certificates, and degrees related to a career in the casino industry.

Lots of Information about getting a job and working in a casino done in a Q&A format.

Learn what types of jobs will be created and the education you need to get these jobs.