Massachusetts Casino Career Training Institute 

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Jobs & Hiring


What types of jobs are available?

In addition to the table game jobs like black jack dealer, pit boss, croupier, and poker dealer needed in a Category 1, resort casino – there are slot attendants and technicians and numerous supervisory and management jobs.  There are jobs in surveillance and security, accounting jobs from cashier to comptroller, and a marketing department and administrative staff.  The hotel requires a full staff including housekeepers, valets, bellhops, desk clerks, spa attendants, a health club manager, pool supervisor and many more. Food and beverage operations employ even more as preparers, cooks, chefs, servers, bus persons, stockers, bartenders, and banquet managers. Retail stores need sales clerks and managers.  The facilities department keeps the whole operation running with a janitorial staff, plumbers, carpenters, painters, electricians, and HVAC techs. 

Are part-time positions available?

Resort casino operators suggest that a significant percentage of the jobs may be part-time positions.

How do I apply for a job with a casino? 

Casinos will advertise; will host local career awareness and hiring events; and will have career and employment information posted on their website. In addition, the local OneStop and Career Centers will be able to provide information in the future.

I don't see the position I want to apply for. Why not?

Different casinos may use different job titles for the same position.  For example, a “Maid” in one casino might be a "Guest Room Attendant" in another.   Of course, the position might already be filled or not yet posted, so check back often.

Can the casino give hiring preference to people from any one or group of towns?

Yes. Typically, the host agreement negotiated between the community and the casino operator gives hiring preference to local residents. 

Will I be considered for employment if I live out of the state of Massachusetts?

Yes, but realistically the casino operators will most likely be obligated by Community Host Agreements to give hiring preference to local residents.  Note that one of the clearly stated purposes of the Massachusetts gaming law is to “provide permanent employment opportunities to residents of the commonwealth”.

Can I apply if I currently reside out of the state? Outside of the USA?

You can apply for a job, but remember that the casino operators are required to provide employment for residents of Massachusetts.

Will the casino be required to consider diversity in hiring?

Each casino operator shall be required to abide by an affirmative action program of equal opportunity to all employees.

How old do I need to be to work in a casino?

To be in the gaming area of the casino, one must be 21.  However, licensed employees who are 18 or over can work in the gaming area in the role they are licensed for. 

Will non-English speaking candidates be considered?

Most of the jobs in a casino require employees to read, speak and understand some English. A conversational and/or fluent knowledge of other languages is a plus, but is not required.  

Is casino experience necessary to be considered for employment at the casino?

No.  While employers might prefer it, prior experience is not required for the majority of positions; and training opportunities will be available.

Will special training or license be required for any of the casino jobs?

All employees of a casino have to be licensed or registered.  The commission will establish regulations that require all employees to be properly trained in their respective professions.  In addition, approved training programs may be required or preferred by the casino for specific jobs.

Do I have to have a work license or registration permit to be employed in a casino?

Yes.  All employees of a gaming establishment have to be licensed or registered. The gaming establishment includes the gaming area and other related, nongaming structures such as hotels, restaurants and other amenities.

Do I have to have a job offer before applying for a license or registration with the Mass. Gaming Commission? 


What are the minimum requirements needed to obtain a license or registration?

At a minimum, applicants for a license should be properly trained in their professions and be able to demonstrate that they have the financial responsibility, character, reputation, integrity and general fitness to act honestly, fairly, soundly and efficiently. One of the major concerns of the commission is to insure the integrity of gaming in Massachusetts.

Is a background check required to be employed in a casino in Massachusetts?

Yes.  A background check, including a criminal records check, is a required as part of the license or registration process.  However, previous to this step, casino operators will most likely have done their own criminal records check before making an offer to hire.  For more information, go to License & Registration.

I have a felony on my record. Will this prevent me from working in a casino?

Most likely.  Anyone convicted of a felony or other specific crimes involving embezzlement, theft, fraud or perjury is automatically disqualified from getting a license or registration to work in a casino.   If the conviction took place ten or more years ago, an exception might be made under certain circumstances.  See the section entitled “License & Registration” for more details.

Is a drug test required to get hired?

Drug testing is a condition for employment on the part of most casino operators.

If I have bad credit or a previous bankruptcy, will I be denied employment in a casino?

Possibly, part of the licensing or registration process is to assess the financial stability, integrity and background of the applicant.  Other factors are considered as well. See the section entitled “License & Registration” for more details. Casino operators may also do credit checks on their own as part of the hiring process.