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Application Process for a Gaming Employee License

To ensure that employees of casinos in Massachusetts meet the requirements of good character, honesty, and integrity -- all employees have to be licensed by or registered with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC).  Table game dealers -- for blackjack, roulette, craps, poker, carnival games, baccarat, etc. -- will need a Massachusetts Gaming Employee License. Other employees will need other licenses or just a registration.

Many people who wish to be dealers will follow these steps:

First, successfully complete the gaming school. (Experienced dealers who do not wish to enhance their skills may choose to skip this step.)

Second, audition with the casino.

Third, be offered a job by the casino.

Fourth, after receiving a job offer, fill out the application for a Massachusetts Gaming Employee License. There will be a $300 application fee, but the casino may offer payroll deductions.

Firstly and most importantly, your application must be complete and truthful.  It has to include a notarized authorization to release tax information, a certification that you have paid your taxes, valid identification, and fingerprinting for a criminal records check. You will be asked to provide information about: your citizenship, work status, residency, military history, offices and positions held, gaming license history if any, employment history, financial issues, lawsuits or judgments against you, etc.

Reasons an Application Can Be Denied

The MGC shall deny a gaming employee license if the individual has been convicted of a felony or other crime involving embezzlement, theft, fraud or perjury; submitted an application that contains false or misleading information; committed prior acts which have not been prosecuted or in which the applicant was not convicted but form a pattern of misconduct that makes the applicant unsuitable.

In determining whether an applicant is suitable for a license, the MGC may evaluate and consider the overall reputation of the applicant including, without limitation: the integrity, honesty, good character, and reputation of the applicant; and whether the applicant has been convicted of a crime of moral turpitude.

For additional information or assistance with an individual issue, please call 413-552-2086.

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